What is discipleship?

Here it is from the intro to my books on this subject:

Discipleship is a journey towards the perfection of Christ.  In this journey we are conformed to the image of Christ.  This change is accelerated as we pass on what we receive, to others.  This means we are discipling others while we ourselves are being discipled.

Jesus called his team of disciples together and imparted his heart to them.  He prepared them, empowered them and sent them out to do the work.

If we are to take the gospel to the ends of the earth we must grow up into Christ in all things (Eph 4:15) and impart what we learn to others.  This is discipleship.

Christ left us with the task of taking the gospel to the ends of the earth (Matt 28:19,20).  It is our Lord’s intention to have a people who will rise to the task and get the job done in one generation (Matt 24:14,34).  The “Discipleship” series provides answers to many of the problems which rise up to stop us from accomplishing our purpose.

We see the vision to:

  • Raise up leaders, who will do more and go further than the one who discipled them.
  • Disciple 12 people, and to help them to disciple 12 others who will do the same for others.  It begins with finding a spiritual buddy and reaching out to others until you have your 12.  You train and inspire each one to disciple others.  All the while looking for your leading 3 disciples who will be your chief influencers.  You must have special time with these 3 disciples.
  • Father people.  Abraham was not just called to reach the nations but to father them (Gen 17:4).
  • Reap and keep the harvest.
  • Mobilise every believer, to make every believer fruitful and to see them multiply themselves through others, thus increasing their influence for good in ever increasing circles.
  • Promote biblical values, as the true partners of godly vision.
  • Penetrate every sector of society, with Open cells (cells that focus on outreach, consolidation and training).  The leaders of these Open cells attend regular Closed cell meetings where they foster long term transparent relationships with their peers providing friendship and support for each one in the group so that they can succeed in the development of their own Open cells.   The Leaders’ cells are resource and development centres that further the training process and strengthen the vision to send missionaries out to do the same in other places.

The 3 main books entitled “Discipleship” were written to:

  • Promote the vision for multiplication.
  • Develop spiritual strength in those who are hearing the call of God to play their part in the great “last days” harvest.
  • Confront those thought patterns that seek to hinder us in the vision to develop the leadership potential and ability of every member of the Body of Christ.

To develop leaders we must provide spiritual and biblical answers that empower people in their quest for fruitfulness.

If you are interested in hosting a seminar on “Discipleship”, the following is a suggested start point:

  1. 1 day overview of the vision for the Pastor and his leaders.
  2. 2 ½ day Victory Encounter.  The Victory Encounter is designed to release Christians from the past and establish them in the vision to multiply themselves through others.  It is a time to renew both strength and vision.

See the following for a typical Victory Encounter format.

1st evening.

The Father heart of God and the writing of personal profiles.

2nd day and evening.

Jacob’s encounter with God, and our personal encounter with Christ at the cross, where the past is rolled away.  There is teaching on forgiveness, sexual purity, inner healing and deliverance from curses.  The second evening ends with each person burning their personal profiles, the list of those things that they have been freed from at the cross.

3rd session.

A further session, held as soon after the main part of the Encounter as possible, not always the next day but it must be soon after within the next few days, to ensure that everyone is filled with the Holy Spirit. The Baptism in the Spirit is an essential part of our foundations for growth.  There will be specific teaching on the church’s Vision and strategy for multiplication.  This completes the teachings of the Victory Encounter.

If you are interested in learning more about what we do in this area or in purchasing my books then email me at deliveredfromself@gmail.com

Blessings John Stafford